Conveying And Mixing System With Silos

About us

Wuensch Plaster is the leading manufacturer of dry mix products located in Al Ojaimi Industrial City Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Wuensch Plaster combines latest dry mix technology with high quality raw materials in the region for a wide range of products and services to meet the fast growing and challenging demands of the construction industry. Wuensch Plaster is dedicated to serve the construction industry by setting up new standards. We offer a wide range of dry mix products based on Cement and Gypsum with more than a decade of experience in the middle-east. We are dedicated to achieve highest customer satisfaction through the quality, reliability and consistency of our products and services.

Wuensch Plaster offers the most modern silo system with pneumatic dry mix conveying and automatic application machines for the construction industry. The system offers ready to apply products at the "press of a button". Factory produced dry mix mortar are much more reliable and productive than site mixed mortars. Each product is accurately produced to ensure the quality and consistency. We offer the product delivery to the site in mobile silos or bags. A range of machines are available to suit with the various applications and usage of the products at the site. Wuensch Plaster offers the application machines from PFT, Germany. The machine application ensures the homogeneous and accurate mixing of the dry mix with water, thus eliminating the errors that can occur with the manual mixing. The products are reachable to any distance in time with mobile silos and pneumatic conveying system at the "press of a button". The system will provide the customers a clear edge in terms of quality and productivity. Wuensch Plaster silo system with the pneumatic dry mix conveying will provide a clean and dust free job site adding more value to health, safety and environment.

Wuensch Plaster products are designed and manufactured meeting the specification of BS / EN / ASTM / DIN standards. Our most modern state of the art manufacturing facility and stringent quality control will ensure the quality and consistency of the products. Our fully equipped testing laboratory will work round the clock ensuring the quality. Wuensch Plaster will be assuring the quality of products by strict quality control measures starting from the selection of raw material to the finished products. We can design, develop and manufacture custom made products meeting the specific requirements of our valued customers. Our dedicated team of sales / QC / site-engineers will provide the customers total support as and when required.

Wuensch Plaster offers a wide product range of Bonding Coats, Cement Renders/Plasters, Decorative Color Renders, Decorative Texture Finishes, Insulation Renders & Adhesives, Gypsum Plasters, Masonry Mortars, Tile Adhesives, Tile Grouts, Floor Screeds, Repair Mortars, Non-Shrink Grouts etc.. Wuensch Plaster offers its product delivery to the site in 25-50 kg paper bags, in wooden pallets with plastic shrink wrap or 20 m3 mobile silos which can be placed at the site and refilled by tanker.

Advantages of WP system

  • Ready to apply material at the "press of a button".
  • Largest production facility in the region.
  • More than a decade of experience in the middle east.
  • Save time and manpower.
  • Consistent quality throughout the projects.
  • Dry mix products require only the addition of water at the site.
  • Clean and healthy job site adding value to HSE.
  • Material protected from weather, spillage and theft.
  • Ease of the application resulting in more output.
  • Most modern machines and tools for the application.